Ultimate Disco Deluxe Ultra Energy Tracks 
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Click a SHOW TITLE below to experience original Disco Records in dynamic Stereo
    Rare 12 inch/LP Vinyl tracks are played here via Technics, Cord, Numark Turntables plus two BSR multi-record Changers and Studio dual Pioneer and Denon
    Cassette Decks.  Stimulus-progression blending (from the Muzak / Seeburg era) unlike typical DJ beat-to-beat mixing has always been a Lee's forte - focusing
    on multi-era content rather than perfect lengthy beat-to-beat transitions.  Track-drop segues, if executed well, can exhilarate set flow (I fail on that front often).
    And, further concepts were taught to me by the all-time master of music blending Mr Lee Rieger [RIP], when I was employed as his relief-DJ at a boutique 1979
    Nightclub in Sydney.  I try to capture Lee's segue-drop rationale and pure Spirit each time I sequence Disco Music tracks for You in 2019.

    February's hottest Disco track is "Bruni Pagan - Fantasy"  courtesy of Paul Flex Taylor, the greatest-ever DJ in Australia and well-beyond !   

Hot Disco Music awaits below ...
Ultra Classic Vinyl Disco Records                February 18, 2019 
*  Extra Special Rare Vinyl Disco Records      February 16, 2019

*  70s Disco Magic            February 15, 2019
*  Disco Together              February 14, 2019
*  Tasty Disco                    February 12, 2019 
*  Happy Disco                  February 10, 2019   
*  Unusual Disco               February 08, 2019
*  Mega Disco                    February 06, 2019
*  Mellow Disco                 February 04, 2019
*  Funky Energy               February 02, 2019
*  Disco Hotties
*  Disco for February
*  Lee's Birthday Show    
January 28, 2019
*  Disco Style
*  Unique Disco
*  Original Disco
*  Disco Soul    

*  Deluxe Disco    
*  Disco Mix   
*  Disco Power   
*  Disco Divine 
*  Groovy Disco   
*  Hotttt Disco Music   
*  Ultra Disco Energy   
*  Deluxe Disco   
*  Retro Disco   
*  Disco Music for 2019    
*  Disco 2019 New Year     
*  Party Disco 
*  Funky Retro Disco   
*  Boxing Day Disco Show   
*  Deluxe Disco Records        
*  Disco Fire   
*  Disco Mix     
*  Retro Disco Time   
*  Year End Disco Show 
*  Disco House Retro   
*  Disco Rockin' 
*  Disco Progressive 
*  Disco Everywhere    
*  Jumbo Disco   
*  Disco Heaven 
*  Deluxe Disco 
*  Disco Shake    
*  Disco For You 
*  Disco Rhythms  
*  Crazy Disco Music  
*  Disco Best  
*  Nice Disco Tracks  
*  Cocktail Disco   
*  Disco Dancing  
*  Disco Club   
*  The Disco Hour   
*  Disco Exposure  
*  Disco Max   
*  Disco Passion   
*  Funky Disco   
*  Better Disco   
*  Disco World   
*  Disco Family   
*  The Disco House   
*  Fresh Disco   
*  Charlie Disco Mix   
*  Disco Rare   
Extended Disco   
*  Mellow Disco   
*  Real Disco   
*  Disco Mini Mix   
*  Disco Delight   
*  Disco Essential   
*  Disco Beat   
*  Good Disco   
*  Here's Disco   
*  Disco Good Feeling   
*  Disco Together   
*  Best Disco Mix
*  High Energy Disco
*  Disco So Hott 
*  The Disco Show 
*  Energy Disco Excitement   
*  Disco Fusion    

   Groovy Disco Shows are added above every week [top down] ... Vinyl tracks from the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and Disco
   delights from 2000 plus.  With so many internet on-line Discotheque places now extinct, a Lee intends to make this site
   one of  the few remaining repositories to encounter rare Vinyl Disco Records into the future.  So many more ace
   exhilarating Vinyl Records are to be unleashed here in 2019 here via an improved format ...  showcasing a unique musical 
Vibe called DISCO 

   View how this retrospective Magic is actually performed ... transitioning one Vinyl Record seamlessly into the next !

   Click a Video title below to SEE and hear fantastic Disco-infused Music

*  Boogie People - Boogie People
*  Evelyn King - Love Come Down

*  Disco #1 80's Mix
*  Italo Megamix
*  Best Hits 2000 - 2015  < 
Ultimate high-energy Video Mix
*  Ultimate DISCO Mix
*  Shalamar - A Night To Remember
*  David Guetta Mix Live
*  Hott Disco 70's & 80's
*  90's Dance Mix   
<  The very BEST 90'S Mix
*  Marloz Dance Mix 29
*  Hott 80's Dance Mix
*  Climaco Disco Mix
*  Imagination Deluxe
*  DJ Adams Mix

*  Marloz Dance Mix 87
Lipps Inc - Funkytown 
*  Black Box - Everybody Everybody
*  Donna Summer - I Feel Love
Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne - Real Love  <  
*  Clean Bandit - Stronger  
*  Clean Bandit feat Sharna Bass - Extraordinary
Clean Bandit feat Jess Glynne - Rather Be  <  Deluxe
Clean Bandit feat Louisa Johnson - Tears     
*  Best Hits 2000-2015      
*  Kamaliya - Butterflies  <  Deluxe
*  Kamaliya - Arrthmia
*  Kamaliya - I'm Alive   <  
*  Felix Jahn - Ain't Nobody
*  John Newman - Love Me Again
*  Fun Fun - Baila Bolero   <  Rare Disco Magic
*  Mahmut Orhan - Without You
*  S.O.S. Band - Just be Good To Me
*  Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer
*  The Spinners - Working My Way Back To You
*  Sylvester - Dance Disco Heat
*  Black Box - Everybody Everybody
*  Remember the 70's and 80's   

*  Dance Disco Mix  hott
*  Swedish House Mafia
*  Lasgo Megamix 
*  Delicious Retro Tracks
*  Love Unlimited - 1974 Classic Remix
*  The Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat
*  BB&Q Band - On The Beat
*  La Bouche- Sweet Dreams
Km Retro Dance Music 

*  The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
*  Funky 80's Mix
*  Anita Ward - Ring My Bell
*  Ultra Nate- Free
*  Bloodhound Gang & Ellie Goulding
*  Hott 90's Tracks
*  Yamato Mix
*  Bee Gees/John Travolta - You Should Be Dancing

*  Best Disco Dancers 1979


*  Plush - Free and Easy
*  Stay Happy Chill Mix
*  Madonna - Ulimate Medley
*  Italo Club 80's

*  80's #1 Disco
*  2017 Dance Mix
*  Ultra Nate- Free
*  Madleen Kane - Fever 
*  Modern Talking - Brother Louie
*  Miquel Brown- So Many Men So Little Time
*  Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
*  Dazz Band - Let It Whip
*  Roy Ayers - In The Dark
*  C+C Music Factory - Here We Go Let's Rock & Roll
*  Sonia - You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You
*  Sonia - Listen To Your Heart
*  Sonia - The Megamix  
*  KC & The Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man
*  Shalamar - A Night To Remember
*  AA.VV Mix
*  DJ R&B Mix
*  Jermaine Stewart- We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
*  Ultra Nate - I Don't Understand It

*  Studio 54 Mix  
*  Stars On 45
*  Dogzilla - Frozen
DJ Carleex Mix

  Discover amazing 24/7 Disco retro goodness ...

*  Overfitting Disco
*  Diva Disco Music
*  Radio Italopower

*  The Disco Paradise
*  Dancegroove Radio
*  Radio Max Italo

Record Changers are the Ultimate Record Players
Image result for bsr record changer

I'm blessed to have 5 Stereo Record Changers ... two BSR's, one Dual, a Phillips and a Technics.  Often, I load up to eight Vinyl records on these dated devices for seamless (one after another) play.  These automatic turntables were certainly built to last and replacement Stylus are easily obtained from so many on-line places.  Despite being 'Rim' drive (as opposed to belt or direct drive) each Record Changer has stood the test of time, delivering consistent quality Stereo sound and endurance. 

Automatic Record Changers are so cool ... and you can obtain them via eBay, Gumtree and other places.  What a pity that Record Changers are no longer the 'norm' as they were in the 1960's and 1970's ... cause they are the ultimate musical device. 

*  Amazing Retro Vinyl Technology

Most HOTTT Disco VideoLipps IncQuincy Jones classicultra Hott progressive DiscoKamaliya DELUXEPatti AustinSister SledgeLove Unlimited

        Thanks so much  for listening to a few of my favorite vinyl records on an original Internet Radio place - now in 22 years of  Service to You.

Dancenetradio.com and Discointernet.com  are long-standing Disco Music sites, soon to progress via an improved format equating
        with mobile phone and other contemporary technology.  Here you
always get consistent rare musical content, an amazing glimpse into many
        out-of-print Vinyl Records.  I've found that the brilliance of  pure Disco Music can actually, even just for an instant, make life a tiny bit better
        via it's unique energy and enticement.

        Vinyl Records are
again becoming the ultimate Quality music source.  Record sales are increasing whilst CD and all other media decline as
        retailers re-stock an impressive range of Vinyl content.   'Aldi' even recently featured Records and quickly sold-out with no mark-downs.
        An impressive selection of quality Record Players and Turntables like the 
Crosley range are available to purchase at great value.  They
        connect instantly with audio systems and computers via USB or standard RCA Stereo cables. 

        Wishing you a wonderful happy 2019 - may it be your best Year ever !
        ... DJ Lee

            Disco Music is HOTTT