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Erotic Drum Band

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Slick LP
C.K.B. Superman 12 inch single

This site is dedicated to
the memory of my
brilliant unique MUM
Lillian, who gave me
the gift of life and music !

Amanda Lear - Tomorrow

The gift of kindness is vital in our world today .... Thoughtful ways may seem like little
things .... but they are so
very important for us Now.
A helpful word, a Smile, the Cheer your presence brings should be inspired by LOVE that comes from your Heart !

donna summer
grace jones fame
kumano LP
stacy lattisaw
john davis
paul jabara honeymoon in puerto rico
jumbo sexy lady

There are no Strangers in this World - Just Friends we’ve never Met !

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irena sendler

Take a moment to learn about a true Hero who saved many.

Jumbo rocks !
A HOTT Disco Record Indeed !
This is one HOTT Vinyl LP
An Amazing Artist

If you Copy music recordings for Free
Artists & Record Companies deserve rightful Income
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My Email address is:-  and  my Facebook is "Lee A Porter"  [The "A"  is for Aubrey, my middle name - an amazing Dad's first name]

The Internet has brought the world much in terms of innovation, access to information, contact with others from far away places, etc. 

Life would never be the same again without such a wonderful facet of our lives; however, the Internet has also robbed composers, musicians, retail stores and record companies of their rightful income. Illegal downloading of copyrighted material has resulted in massive music industry job losses and retail record store closures.

Please help to preserve creative commercial opportunity for artists and the music industry by PURCHASING all your music.

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amant if there's love
carrie lucas dance with you
Celi Bee
abc love conquers all
pam todd & love exchange
hot butterfly
dc larue
chilly twelve inch single
the disco collection
d train the best of
ann margret 12 inch
This is ME in the year 1979 (Sydney)
sabu lp
heatwave the best of
Lee in 1979

Thank You for visiting my dated DISCO site.

Making this place happen has been the Joy of my
these last 20 years. I hope you enjoy the
unusual Dance music I put to air each week ?

The pictures (above and left) are actually ME in the
Spring of 1979, when I was DJ’ing at Flo’s Palace,
Fantasy Island and Patches - some very unique
Dance Nightclubs in Sydney Australia

This site is a testament to the love of music instilled
in me by my great Mum (Lillian) and Dad (Aubrey),
now passed-on from two unique Souls forever in my Heart !

My name is Lee and I live on the outer Northside of Brisbane ... at Burpengary, Queensland, Australia. 

If there is a great place on this earth, it’s here - with a tropical environment and opportunity for everyone.  I grew up in Chermside and started work at the tender
age of 15 (after completing year 10 at school). My parents were both Ballroom dancers and had a great love of music. Through them, I grew-up with a fine
appreciation of music in all it’s forms. I fondly remember all those 45rpm 7 inch vinyl singles collected during my early years, many of which I still have today.

My beloved Parents are deceased now, but they both (Lillian & Aubrey) gave me the GIFT of music, which has run in my family for generations. My Grandfather,
Dick Porter, lead “Dick Porter’s Old Time Dance Band” in the 50’s and 60’s, featuring weekly ABC Radio Shows here in Australia. It’s ironic that I’m now following in
his footsteps with my weekly ‘Dance’ flavored Radio Shows here on the Internet.

In the 70’s, funky music progressed from Pop to Soul to (ultimately) Disco ... and this is where I found my niche in life - the 12 Inch Vinyl Single and DISCO music.

I thought I was in heaven when all this wonderful rhythmic music suddenly came to life. I even went to the former Sabcar Model Agency (here in Brisbane) to
master the many Disco Dance Steps associated with music at the time ... “The Hustle”, “The Bump”, and others.  WOW, what an amazing era.

I moved to the big-city [Sydney] in 1979 and literally fell-in to the thriving music/club scene and ended up as a DJ at some of the grooviest nightspots experienced
here in Australia ... Flo’s Palace, Patches, Fantasy Island, etc.  There, I played many of the tracks you now here on Discointernet.  When others were getting rid
of their record collections, I’m so glad I kept most of my Vinyl Records throughout the years. I thank my great “Teacher” ... the MASTER of all things Disco (Lee Reiger)
for his expertise, training and Friendship during my 70’s and early 80’s days, when (though popular) was a mediocre Nightclub DJ.    R.I.P. Lee - YOU were so Ace !

In 1982, I returned home to Brisbane and worked as DJ at “The Beat” nightclub, where I introduced so many Disco/Dance tunes which had escaped the attention of the
the local music scene.  Subsequently, I established Brisbane’s first Import Record Store at Wooloongabba aptly named “Dance Music”.

DJ’s and the public flocked to that little store, buying the prolific 12” singles and LP’s of the time.  We even the extended the record service Pacific-wide via mail order availability,
a first for Brisbane.  I remember sitting at the Telex machine late into the night ordering Records from the USA.   Fax machines and the Internet were not invented then.

I then moved to the Gold Coast and later to Melbourne, where I spend many years engrossed in my Telecommunications career.   22 years ago I founded something different ... 
a unique Internet (hosted) Radio Show concept and Website.   I called it and was fortunate to obtain an ‘APRA’ license which I proudly still maintain today.
Rejecting the flawed concept of obtaining music for free (which could ultimately destroy our music industry), my prime aim on this site is to encourage people to BUY all their music
nd never expect it to be a FREE commodity. 

Initially, and [my two domain names] was modeled on the former exquisite DanceGrooveRadio Internet Radio Shows from THE indisputable
expert on all-things Disco ... Bernie Lopez. 

I'll always revere a great Friend (Darren Merrit) for his patience, friendship, understanding and superb technical abilities.  Darren initially assisted me greatly, by helping
turn a former dream into reality with an amazing knowledge of the Internet and technology.  If it was not for Darren, I would never have ventured onto the
Internet in the first place and would certainly be not broadcasting today.  I often think of Darren and pray he has achieved the reward he deserves in the I.T. field.

In March 2005 I returned to Queensland and bought an amazing home at Burpengary, complete with Chooks and other amazing creatures which warm one's Heart and Spirit via
their humility and kindness.  If only 'people' learnt from innocent creatures, our would would be a much better place. 

I thank GOD each day for allowing me to experience, adore and share the Disco / Dance music beat.  It’s an unusual rhythmic form of music filled with Love, Energy and Joy !


suzi lane ooh la la
La Bionda
con funk shun
A special Brother "Tez" mixing cool Trance Music
willie and co