“Never look down on anyone ..... Unless you are helping them up”

Disco Music is HOTTT

Respect the talents of our recording Artists
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BUY your Music !

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Erotic Drum Band

Our Artists and Music Industry need your support to keep music viable and alive for everyone to enjoy now and in the future.

Let’s finally STOP the flawed culture of downloading music for free, which is pure THEFT.

If you copy a music recording
or software from the Internet and elsewhere ... you stole it.

If you Copy music recordings for Free
Artists & Record Companies deserve rightful Income
for their amazing work to keep our Music going

A brilliant place where the true Spirit and knowledge of fine Disco Music still flourishes ...

‘Kevin’ maintains a wonderful place full of information and links about an amazing sound (Disco) which
still rocks the world like no other genre !

After’s closure, this may well become THE reference point for Disco-related media.

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Free online graphics generator.

Hott Disco Radio

Brilliant Vinyl Record Label from Germany.


Slick LP
C.K.B. Superman 12 inch single

This site is dedicated to
the memory of my
brilliant unique MUM
Lillian, who gave me
the gift of life and music !

Amanda Lear - Tomorrow

The gift of kindness is vital in our world today .... Thoughtful ways may seem like little
things .... but they are so
very important for us Now.
A helpful word, a Smile, the Cheer your presence brings should be inspired by LOVE that comes from your Heart !

donna summer
grace jones fame
kumano LP
stacy lattisaw
john davis
paul jabara honeymoon in puerto rico
jumbo sexy lady

There are no Strangers in this World - Just Friends we’ve never Met !

Deluxe DISCO, each week at
Cool Disco Music
irena sendler

Take a moment to learn about a true Hero who saved many.

Jumbo rocks !
A HOTT Disco Record Indeed !
This is one HOTT Vinyl LP
An Amazing Artist
8 track car player winamp
Casablanca book
Our Cats (and Dogs) give us GENUINE LOVE
105 classic radio
seventh avenue standing by your side
disco imperium
rocking horse2
DEE D JACKSON bobby thurston
disco inferno 365
ray martinez
Another Cha Cha

Each week, there are many groovy tracks that I post on my unusual site
called ‘Discointernet’  .... It’s way different, but so cool !

ann margret everybody needs somebody somtimes 12 inch baccara
crowd pleasers
dancegroove radio
Kat Mandu The Break
midnight flite single
ofra haza
alan cook
kym sims too blind to see
marlena shaw rare 12